Mayoral Committee

Mayoral Committee

Dihlabeng Local Council has 40 Council members therefore according to legislation the Executive Mayor must appoint a Mayoral committee and presides at meetings of the Mayoral Committee. The Executive Mayor may delegate specific responsibilities to each member of the mayoral committee. Members of the Mayoral Committee (MAYCO) have been allocated the following portfolios and duties:

  • LED & Tourism
  • Special Programmes
  • Finance
  • Human Settlements
  • Corporate Services
  • Public Works & Rural Development
  • IDP & Performance Management

 Members of the Mayoral Committee:

MMC Clr.Dr.CC Harrington
(LED & Tourism)

MMC Clr.Mrs.T.J. Tshabalala
(Special Programmes)

MMC Clr.P.D. Lengoabala

MMC Clr.Mrs.D.M. Mofokeng
(Human Settlements) 

MMC Clr.Mrs.L.U. Makhalema
(Corporate Services)

MMC Clr.L.J. Lemako
(IDP & Performance Management)

MMC Clr.T.J. Seekane
(Public Works & Rural Development)

MMC Clr TJ Seekane (Public Works & Rural Development)

The duties of the MAYCO are regulated by the Local Government Structures Act, 117 of 1998; the Local Government Municipal Finance Management Act, 56 of 2003 and Local government Systems Act, 32 of 2000. Any powers and duties delegated to the Executive Mayor by the Municipal Council must be exercised and performed by the Executive Mayor together with the other members of the Mayoral Committee.